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About Us

Orval and Ross - Founders of Wall-Ties & Forms

Wall-Ties & Forms, Inc, (WTF) is one of the world's largest companies in the concrete forming business, as well as the premier designer and manufacturer of formwork systems. Over 40 years ago as a new business, WTF manufactured ties - thousands of them. Today we produce and ship over 30 million ties a year and over 100,000 aluminum concrete forms and formwork.

It started in 1976 when Orval Engelken and Ross Worley, two men with extensive knowledge of the construction industry, chose to pursue the American Dream. They left long and successful careers, one a Vice President of Sales and the other a product design and manufacturing expert, knowing they could do a better job.

Ross Worley, Brent Worely, Carl Engelken - family owned Wall-Ties & Forms

After 40 years, Wall-Ties & Forms, Inc. is still family owned and operated. From left: Carl Engelken, Brent Worley and Ross Worley

Three principles guided them:

  • Produce the best quality and most labor friendly product.
  • Offer unsurpassed customer service.
  • Provide it all at a competitive price.

The rest is history!

Adherence to these core principles over the years has resulted in a nationwide concrete forms distributor network and international recognition. WTF is the most successful manufacturer and distributor of forming systems in the aluminum forming industry today.



In over 30 years in the concrete forming equipment supply business, it is my experience that Wall-Ties & Forms is the most innovative company in the form industry. Their ability and willingness to design around customer needs is second to none.

John Hess concrete contractor

- John Hess
Spanish Fort, AL

Quality Workmanship..

Over the last 30 years I have purchased and used aluminum concrete forms from several different manufacturers. All aspects of the Wall-Ties & Forms' concrete forming equipment, from manufacture to on-the-job use, is superior to any other forming system I have used.

Chris Surritte concrete contractor

- Chris Surritte
Raleigh, NC

Beautiful Face..

What attracted me to these concrete forms is the inset face sheet. It gives the forms strength to keep from bending at the corner. Yet they give you a beautiful face. They are light enough that one man can carry a 3' x 9' form so I need fewer people to unload, set and strip. We've discovered we can have all three sides of an impossible triangle - good, fast and profitable.

Larry Swearingin concrete contractor

- Larry Swearingin
Lawson, MO

Letter from Dennis L. Richards, President of R-Way Concrete - Redi-Mix:

Dear Ross & Orval,

This letter is in reference to the set of textured brick concrete forms I purchased from Wall-Ties 18 years ago. Since then I have poured approximately 150 walls per year using those concrete forms. This comes to a total of approximately 2700 total pours. My forms had minimal maintenance and have many more pours left in them. I traded these forms to your distributor Carroll Distributing three months ago. I received approximately what I had paid you for the equipment 18 years ago.

They have held up better than any other aluminum forms I have observed and there is no doubt in my mind that Wall-Ties are the best built forms on the market today. Many of my competitors were envious of the way my forms held together and how they continued to pour attractive brick faced walls to the day I traded them to Carroll. I'm sure they are still pouring good walls for their new owner.

I purchased the textured brick wall forms again but went to the 9 foot forms as that is what my home builders are asking for. You can count on me as one of Carroll & Wall-Ties satisfied customers. Your equipment has treated me right and your service is excellent.

Dennis L. Richards

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