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Concrete Forms and Formwork Videos

The WTF formwork system has been used in the construction of hundreds of thousands of structures including residential and commercial structures in single story, low rise, and high-rise construction. It has been proven to be very successful in the construction of mass housing projects worldwide. It is fast, simple, adaptable and very cost effective.


High Rise Concrete Construction

Concrete Home Construction Process

Concrete Housing

Post Beam Formwork

Swimming Pool Concrete

Swimming Pool Construction


Ashlar Stone Concrete Forms

Concrete Fence Construction

Concrete Home Construction Mexico

Dubai Column Formwork

Tunnel Construction

Time Lapse Concrete Formwork Construction

Time Lapse Housing Construction

Time Lapse Multi-Lift Forming System


Concrete Forms System

Concrete Home Advantages

Concrete Home Construction

Texas Tech Wind Test

Wall-Ties Company

Wall-Ties Plant


Concrete Form Systems

Concrete Forms & Formwork

Concrete Formwork

Concrete Step Forms

Product Demonstration

Venezuela Concrete Home Construction

Venezuela High Rise Concrete

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