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When you choose WTF concrete forms, you are investing in the highest quality, most durable concrete forms for sale in the market today. Our quality control extends beyond the manufacturing plant, including custom design and engineering, constant reevaluation of our products, regular communication with contractors, builders and distributors, and on-site training and inspections. We manufacture concrete forms designed to meet your needs, not ours.

Our concrete forms use state-of-the-art robotics welding system which extends the life of welds on our full concrete forms. These concrete forms receive the most concrete placement pressure. A soft alloy weld wire is utilized in the concrete form weld process. This ensures greater flexibility without sacrificing strength when the concrete form is in use. This greatly reduces, if not eliminates, broken welds.

8-8 / 8-24 Concrete Forms

8-8 concrete forms

This hole pattern makes the 8-8 / 8-24 ideal in markets converting from block to poured concrete walls. This allows the contractor to easily accomplish 8" jumps.

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6-12 Concrete Forms

6-12 concrete forms

The 6/12 hole pattern allows the contractor to easily accomplish 12" jumps. It is available in widths from 36" - 1" and heights up to 120 inches.

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6-12 Double Bracing

6-12 double bracing concrete forms

Every Panel is Built to Last…In addition to the 6-12 we offer 6-12 Double Bracing. This upgrade is constructed with a double 1 x 2 tube providing less weight, easier handling and more nailing area.

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Super Light Concrete Forms

super light concrete forms

Is weight an issue with your concrete forms? Then the Super Light concrete form is for you. Consistent care increases the longevity of this panel.

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Commercial Concrete Forms

commercial concrete forms

Accurate, Reliable…Because this commercial concrete form is engineered for minimal deflection and pillowcasing, it is ideal for commercial applications requiring the flattest possible wall surface.

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Brick Concrete Forms

brick concrete forms

Looks like brick…Feels like brick… WTF's natural "brick-look" forms leave a lasting impression. Available in Smooth Brick, Textured Brick and VertiBrick.

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Block Concrete Forms

block concrete forms

Looks like block …Feels like block… WTF's natural "split block-look" forms leave a lasting impression. Residential or commercial applications can easily be painted or two-toned for a decorative look.

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Ashlar Stone Concrete Forms

ashlar stone concrete forms

WTF's natural "Ashlar stone-look" forms leave a lasting impression. Residential or commercial applications can easily be painted or stained for a decorative look.

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Gang Adapters

gang adapter concrete forms

The WTF Gang Adapter enables a contractor to create gangs utilizing 36" wide aluminum concrete forms. The WTF Gang Adapter allows contractors to easily gang aluminum forms together.

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Big Panel

big panel concrete forms

Just as its name implies, these forms are built large. The WTF Big Panel is ideal for repetitive tall concrete wall construction.

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