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Block Concrete Forms

block concrete forms

Looks like block…Feels like block…

WTF's natural "split block-look" forms leave a lasting impression. Residential or commercial applications can easily be painted or two-toned for a decorative look. WTF split block concrete forms are compatible to pouring block on one side and smooth on the other.

Split block forms give you a deep block design providing a realistic finished look.

  • Width 36" - 1"
  • Heights up to 120"

Available in any hole pattern:

  • 6-12
  • 8-8
  • 8-24


  • "Boxed" design makes it impossible for concrete to enter and accumulate inside brace.
  • Ends are welded on sides and tops to strengthen the form and ensure concrete cannot enter brace.


  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum extends life of panel.
  • Exposed corners are mitered to reduce the accumulation of concrete.


  • Heat-treated and plated bushings are held in place by heavy duty ¼ inch solid steel plated rivets.
  • Crowned bushing allows for easy release of wedges.
  • Bushings increase strength of siderail, not weaken it like swedged bushings.
  • Rivets are countersunk into siderail to reduce accumulation of concrete and make cleaning easier.


  • Continuous weld around concrete form, including over top of bracing.
  • Certified Quality Control Program.
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