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Special Application Hardware

WTF has developed many accessories that help make special applications with concrete forms more simple and efficient for contractors. From hardware used with fillers to a slide hammer that eases the concrete form stripping process, WTF's special application hardware is designed to make the concrete forming process more efficient and labor friendly for you and your crew.

90° Angle Clip

90° angle clip 90° angle clip

Steel Product #SCL90000000000

Aluminum Product #ACL90000000000

90° angle clip 90° angle clip

Versatile 90° angle clip can be a substitute for full length outside corner angle to create an outside corner using fillers.

45° Angle Clip

45° angle clip 45° angle clip

Product #SCL45000000000

45° angle clip 45° angle clip

Our 45° angle clip with rotating pins will affix two filler panels to form outside corner opposite a hinged inside corner. Can form 35° to 55°, depending upon the tightness of wedges.

Aluminum Cap Clip

aluminum cap clip aluminum cap clip

Product #ACL10000000000

aluminum cap clip aluminum cap clip

The aluminum cap clip is designed to create a cap with 2"x12" lumber.

Cap/Filler Bracket

cap / filler bracket cap / filler bracket

Cap/filler brackets are used in conjunction with lumber to add height to a wall. The cap filler bracket pin is inserted into the top of the concrete form and the lumber is then nailed to the bracket. May also be used to construct job site plywood fillers when you need an extra filler or where you need to pass a pipe or other object through the concrete form.

cap / filler bracket 1 cap / filler bracket 1 cap / filler bracket 2 cap / filler bracket 2

Saddle Bracket

saddle bracket saddle bracket

Product #SBK04000000000 - 4"

Product #SBK06000000000 - 6"

saddle bracket saddle bracket

Unique brackets that allow another option for brickledge. The brackets pin onto the top rail of the lower form and allows the next stacked concrete forms to be inset 4 inches or 6 inches.

Brickledge Bar

brickledge bar brickledge bar

Product #AOT00000000001

brickledge bar brickledge bar

The Brickledge Bar permits another option for brickledge. The brackets pin onto the top rail of the lower form, then wood is nailed to under side of bracket. Upper panel is then placed on top of brickledge bar to create a 4" brickledge.

Deck Slide Clamp

deck slide clamp deck slide clamp

Product #SCP120000000000

The deck slide clamp is used with the WTF ledger system. Works with both the straight ledger and the crown mold ledger. The deck slide clamp pin is placed through the end bar hole into the ledger slot and then the slide is engaged.

deck slide clamp 1 deck slide clamp 1 deck slide clamp 2 deck slide clamp 2 deck slide clamp 3 deck slide clamp 3

Window Clamp

window clamp window clamp

Product #SCP13000000000

The window clamp is used at the top of the wall when a drop-in window buck is used. This clamp ensures that the window buck maintains a tight fit.

Slide Hammer

slide hammer slide hammer

Product #SOT10000000000

slide hammer slide hammer

Used to strip ledger and to break ties in crown mold ledger applications. The slide hammer is used to ease the stripping process of crown molding and wall panels under a deck. Also used to vertically break crown molding ties.

Parapet Bracket

parapet bracket parapet bracket parapet bracket 1 parapet bracket 1

The Parapet Bracket is used in suspending the formwork on one side of the wall from the opposite side. This is commonly used in concrete pool systems. Parapet Brackets are also available to offset same height forms.

Hand Punch

hand punch hand punch

Product #SOT40000000000

Our hand punch will add random pinholes with just a little punch. Holes can be added to side or end rails quickly in the field.

  • Shipped with one 11/16" die set.
  • Other die sets available
  • Handles sold separately.

Plywood Adapter

plywood adapter plywood adapter

The plywood adapter allows the contractor to produce a filler using 1/2" or 5/8" plywood. Specify hole pattern and plywood thickness

plywood adapter plywood adapter
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