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WTF's innovative concrete form insulation system, including accessories and concrete wall insulation process.

Why does it take to use the WTF Insulation System?

insulation 1 insulation 1 insulation 2 insulation 2


insulation foam insulation foam

WTF utilizes a 2 lb. density PerformGuard® EPS, a termite resistant expanded polystyrene insulation.

  • Resistant to termite damage
  • Resistant to carpenter ant damage
  • Meets code requirements for ground contact use
  • Cost effective
  • Various sizes available.


i-section i-section

The I-Section along with the breakback tie ensures that insulation stays in place for concrete placement. Also provides an additional attaching point.

Patent #5,987,830


f-section f-section

The F-Section is used at corner transitions, window and door openings, top of concrete wall, deck, and structural slab to create additional attaching points and a termite barrier.

f-section f-section

Patent #5,987,830


f-section f-section

The T-Section is utilized in 36" wide insulation applications (such as foundations). It is placed in the center of insulation to create additional attaching points for exterior wall treatments. Sold in 2 1/2" lengths.

f-section f-section

Patent (pending)

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