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Concrete Pouring Accessories

Pouring concrete is faster and easier with WTF's concrete pouring accessories, including spray tanks and chutes.

5 Gallon Spray Tanks

5 gallon spray tanks 5 gallon spray tanks

Compact 5 gallon hand tank allows for easy application to concrete forms. Lightweight stainless steel with 4' hose and gun.

Replacement parts are available.

Available in:


5 gallon tank w/Cresset .80015 tip


5 gallon tank w/Regular .4005 tip

60 Gallon Spray Tanks

60 gallon spray tanks 60 gallon spray tanks

Our 60 gallon spray tank comes complete with a 100' hose and a 4' wand. When ordering please specify spray tip size.

Replacement parts are available.

Available in:


60 gallon tank w/Cresset tip


60 gallon tank w/Regular tip

Footing Chute

footing chute footing chute

Hooks quickly and easily onto a ready-mix chute. The WTF 5' vinyl tube trunk allows direct flow in cumbersome areas. Splashing and overspills are greatly reduced, making it ideal for concrete placement in footings, piers, and flatwork. Can be modified for use with skid loader mounted concrete buckets.

Available in:


Footing Chute Complete


Footing Chute Clamp


Footing Chute Trunk Product


Footing Chute Hopper

Standard Pouring Board

standard pouring board standard pouring board


Lightweight, totally aluminum board constructed with "L" shaped bracket on back that slips over the top of the concrete form. Naturally helps reduce spillage and removal of form oil off panels at discharge locations. Directs uniform flow of concrete during placement.

Extended Pouring Board

extended pouring board extended pouring board


Designed with an extended handle for ease of use.

Standard Chutes

standard chutes standard chutes

WTF smooth flow aluminum chute is durable and lightweight. Our chutes are made of extruded heavy gauge aluminum and reinforced with cross beams and secured attachment chain. Available sizes: 6' - 24' on 2' increments. The aluminum chute weighs less than 5 lbs. per foot which makes it easy to handle by a single worker.

Standard Chutes with Flare

standard chutes with flare standard chutes with flare

Flare added for ease of use. Available sizes: 8' - 26' on 2' increments. Chutes for special applications also available.

Aluminum Puddle Stick

aluminum puddle stick aluminum puddle stick


Used to assist in the consolidation and flow of concrete. Made of lightweight aluminum tube. It will not splinter or break. Available in 12' length.

Pouring Shovel

pouring shovel pouring shovel


Fabricated with lightweight aluminum and made to drag concrete inside concrete forms.

Specify wall thickness.

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