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Agricultural Aluminum Formwork / Water Storage Systems

Wall-Ties & Forms has served the agricultural community for two decades and our commitment to providing the best concrete form work system grows each year. WTF's innovative design, long lasting products, ease of setup and speed of construction assure that you won't be confined by inferior or restrictive products. Whatever size or shape you need to produce, whatever type of enclosure you want to build, the Wall-Ties' Agricultural Form Work Systems has a confinement system for farm related operations that will meet your specific demands.

Animal Confinement Form Work Systems

The Wall-Ties' Animal Confinement System contains everything you need to pour a concrete-walled pit for sewage storage. Our design uses a double-punched end bar to produce an offset ledge to support the slats.

WTF Animal Confinement concrete forms can be designed for use both horizontally and vertically to produce varying wall heights and odd-sized confinement pens. Whether specific requirements call for Deep Pit construction with an 11' pump-out pit or Shallow Pit construction with a 1' deep holding tank, Wall-Ties Systems' form work do the job pour after pour.

Water Storage Form Work Systems

Standard flat panels from Wall-Ties & Forms produce round, square or rectangular tanks, regardless of size. The basic Water Confinement System can be configured to fit any job site and meet any contractor need. All the legendary aspects of WTF Agricultural Series concrete forms - speed of construction, reusable form work, minimal maintenance and the simplicity of the system - are contained in the Water Confinement System.

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