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Crawl Space Formwork

The WTF Crawl Space Formwork System is designed to suit the customers requirements. Specially designed system for integrated wall and footing construction is one of our latest innovations.

The systems allows for the monolithic concreting of footings and walls resulting in:

  • Reduced construction time and labor cost.
  • Less susceptibility to water leaks because footing/wall joints are eliminated.
  • Simplified inspection process in many cases.

  • Formwork Panels are available in smooth or brick design.
  • Laydown Panels are recommended for low crawl space heights, greatly reducing time and labor required for installation.
  • Column and footing design in one placement.
  • Cast in placed Vents are available and installed prior to concrete pouring thereby reducing installation costs.
  • 9' Sections allow for fast setup and tear down.

Concrete forms for columns are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes including circular.

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